Our funtastic candy shower cake is fun for all ages. It features showcases a gravity defying feature which gives the illusion of candy showering onto the cake. Our candy shower cake comes covered in variety of candy. By selecting the THEMED option you can choose from a range of different themes to suit your needs.


Themes include:

PJ Masks (as pictured)

Sponge Bob Square Pants

Mickey Mouse Club House

Bing Bunny

Paw Patrol Disney


Peppa Pig


Daniel Tiger

(If you require a theme which is not listed above, please contact us)


All themed cakes come with figurines of characters for the chosen theme (which you can keep for future use) as well as The cake elements be decorated to suit the chosen theme logo and/or colours. This includes the candy. If you require different colours for the candy of your chosen theme please specify below.




Candy Shower

Choose cake colour
  • Vanilla

    Delicate sponge cake with a delicious vanilla butter cream made with gourmet Madagascan vanilla beans. 

    White chocolate cherry

    Vanilla sponge cake, White chocolate ganache with a delicious scrumptious cherry compote.


    A fluffy sponge with a delectable passion fruit and mango compote with a pleasant citrus kick.


    A rich chocolate cake layered with chocolate ganache made with the highest quality 40% chocolate and a delicious cocoa butter cream.

    Chocolate and vanilla

    A rich chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream made with gourmet Madagascan vanilla beans.

    Cookies and cream

    Rich chocolate sponge cake with milk chocolate ganache, crushed cookies and cookies and cream whipped vanilla butter cream.

    Strawberry short cake

    Vanilla sponge cake with strawberry Jam and a fluffy vanilla whipped butter cream

    Red velvet

    A delicious moist red velvet sponge with a vanilla note intertwined with mild cocoa hues and a delightful cream cheese frosting for a pleasant kick.

    Crème bouquet and raspberry

    A delicate sponge layered with a muthwatering crème bouquet frosting which boasts a  pleasant buttery flavour infused with mild citrus and almond notes layered a refreshing raspberry compote.

    Lemon and elderflower

    A moist fluffy lemon sponge light drizzled with elderflower layered with a vibrant zesty lemon buttercream.

  • Regular Height

    Ranges approximatley between 4 inches-5 inches tall and comes in sizes 6 inches and 8inches.

    6 inches: Yeilds approximatley 12-18 Servings.

    8 inches: Yeilds approximatley 16-24 Servings.


    Tall Height

    Tall cakes range from approximatley 6 inches - 9 inches tall depening on the cake size and the design. Tall cakes are available in sizes 6 inches and 8 inches.

    6 inches: Yeilds approximatley 24-36 Servings.
    8 inches: Yeilds approximatley 32-40 servings.

    Tiered cakes

    Tiers range come in 2 tiers (regular and large) or in 3 tiers (regular and large).

    2 Tiers:

    Regular: Yeilds approximatley 16-26 servings.

    Large: Yeilds approximatley 28-42 servings.

    3 Tiers:

    Regular: Yeilds approximatley: 36- 54 servings.

    Large: Yeilds approximatley: 48- 72 servings.