A unique customised cake for any occasion for you or your loved one, whether its a birthday celebration, anniversary, graduation, wedding or a seasonal event, we will create a magnificent treat which not only looks great  but tastes great to, with a lovely selection of delicious flavours Delicately made using only the finest ingredients it is  guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face. 

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- Vanilla bean
- Cocoa
- Red velvet
- White chocolate and cherry
- White chocolate and strawberry
- Cookies and cream
- Vanilla and chocolate
- Elderflower & citron
- Chocolate orange
- Blueberry and lemon 
- Banana cocoa caramel
- Lavender and lemon
- Crème bouquet and raspberry
- Tropical cheesecake.

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Storage: Please note that all products made with fresh cream should be stored in a refrigerator at all times when not serving. Cupcakes and decorated cakes (made without fresh cream) can be stored at room temperature for up to 1 day but should be refrigerated thereafter, please allow at least 1 hour for the cake to come back to room temperature before serving.



Although a high level of care is taken when creating all of our products. Our products are made in a kitchen which also handles, wheat, sesame seeds and Nuts.


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